Yeah the word is nurturing. I prefer 'nurture' than 'develop'. Nurturing is taking care of what is developing. I believe that every person has, at the least, a pinch of creativity being developed as one grows. Creativity just needs encouragement, feeding, and training for it to spur out excellently.

I'm glad my kids don't need a lot of pushing in this area. At their early age, they are eager to watch art shows. They are appreciative of crafts and drawings.

Here's one show that arouses creativity within. My kids are enthused everytime they watch ARTZOOKA. It's Nickelodeon's Art Show catering kids ages 6-9. But my boys (aged 2 and 4) at their early age are so hooked on this show. ARTZOOKA helps enhance their imagination. In one of the segments, Jeremy (the host) creates something out of almost junk materials. My kids would then guess what is being created. Before the host would finish his work, my eldest have already guessed it right. And the host shall say, "It's all in how you look at it!".

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