When I was a kid, I assumed that motherhood is easy and comes out naturally. Never have i thought of its complexities.

I've had jobs that required much know-how and experience to perform well, and I can confidently say I excelled in the field. Never have I feared doing something - not until I gave birth. I feared taking care of another life aside from mine.

Now after almost five years of being a mom, I still consider myself a novice. Motherhood is the hardest job ever! haha. It requires much dedication, perseverance, and LOVE. It's an expression of what is beautiful in a home thus encompasses both difficulties and joy - that's why it's an art in itself.

Due to its demanding nature, a mother has to do more than enough to enjoy performing the tasks. That's where creativity comes in. Mothers find ways to create a conducive environment fit for every member of the family. It's definitely not a no brainer.
creative motherhood
credit: Cathy Thorne www.everydaycartoons.com

07/26/2012 09:33

Loved your blog layout that I created a weebly account too.


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